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For Immediate Release: March 13, 2000

FM3 Guides Challengers, Incumbents, and Major Ballot Measures to Victory

A wide range of candidates and ballot measure committees supported by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates’ (FMM&A) voter opinion research and strategic consulting enjoyed success on election day, March 7th.. In addition to helping several Democratic candidates in Congressional and State Legislative races advance to the general election, FMM&A clients prevailed on four statewide ballot propositions, as well as clients contesting controversial local ballot measures in this past Tuesday’s election


Yes on Proposition 1A, Gaming on Tribal Lands. This Constitutional Amendment confirmed the constitutionality of Indian casino gaming on reservation lands, winning nearly 65 percent of the vote. Proposition 1-A was placed on the ballot after the State Supreme Court overturned Proposition 5, the 1998 Indian Gaming measure which FMM&A also assisted to victory in 1998 with 63 percent of the vote.

Yes on Proposition 12, Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2000 and Yes on Proposition 13, Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection, and Flood Protection Bond Act. These key environmental bond measures to protect parks, water, air, the coastline, and safe drinking water scored huge victories with 63% and 65% support respectively. These large majorities confirmed what FMM&A’s research had predicted: Californians would commit significant financial resources to protect their natural resources and maintain and enhance key resource-related infrastructure.

No on Proposition 28, Repeal of Proposition 10 Tobacco Surtax. FMM&A worked with actor/director Rob Reiner and the American Cancer Society in defeating Proposition 28, which sought to repeal the state’s tobacco tax passed in 1998. The proposition was soundly defeated, with over 70% of the electorate voting “no” on the repeal measure. FMM&A’s research and consulting helped pass Proposition 10 in 1998 which established the state’s fifty-cent per pack tobacco tax.


State Senate District 23. In a tough race with two seasoned Democratic candidates pitted against each other, Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl handily won the race for the 23rd State Senate seat by a 20-point margin.

Assembly District 44. Former mayor/teacher Carol Liu triumphed in the race for Assemblyman Jack Scott’s open seat. Liu also won the open primary contest with approximately 28% of the vote.

Assembly District 28. Monterey County Supervisor Simon Salinas beat the Democrat favored by many in pre-election handicapping, winning enough votes across the board (more than 30 percent) to also win the open primary contest.

Assembly District 41. Teacher/Coastal Commissioner Fran Pavley scored a big upset with her victory in this West Los Angeles/Santa Monica district.


Yes on Measure F. Voters essentially blocked the El Toro airport project by voting for this heavily contested measure, which gives voters the right to decide on future proposals for the construction of new jails, hazardous waste landfills, and civilian airport projects.

Yes on Saratoga Library Bond Measure. Designed to improve, renovate and renew their library, this Saratoga bond measure passed with 76% voter support.

No on Measure O. San Jose Measure O sought to delay airport expansion by making the start of the airport project contingent on the completion of a lengthy list of traffic improvements. Initially enjoying widespread support, FMM&A research helped San Jose’s newly elected administration and the Chamber of Commerce convince voters that the city’s traffic mitigation plan was a more effective solution to traffic problems in the airport area.

No on Measure M. Seal Beach Measure M would have overturned a City Council-approved master plan for commercial development in Seal Beach, including substantial improvement to a vital freeway overpass. FMM&A research helped the reversal of Measure M’s initial majority support, leading to its rejection by 57% of Seal Beach voters.

Los Angeles District Attorney. Incumbent Gil Garcetti advanced to the November run-off in a tight and competitive Los Angeles District Attorney race.


Congressional District 20. Incumbent Cal Dooley.

Congressional District 23. Democrat Michael Case.

Congressional District 34. Incumbent Grace Napolitano.

Congressional District 44. Palms Springs City Councilman Ron Oden.

FMM&A also provided assistance to State Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg in his effort to pass the Hertzberg-Polanco Crime Laboratories Construction Bond Act of 1999. While narrowly defeated last week, FMM&A’s believes the measure can be passed in a future election and looks forward to helping in that effort.

March 2000 client summary

State Measures:

Yes on Proposition 1A, Gaming on Tribal Lands
Yes on Proposition 12, Park Bond
Yes on Proposition 13, Water Bond
No on Proposition 28, Repeal of Tobacco Surtax

State Senate:

Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl SD 23

State Assembly:

County Supervisor Simon Salinas AD 28
Coastal Commissioner Fran Pavley AD 41
Council Member Carol Liu AD 44

Local Ballot Measure and Elections:

Gil Garcetti* LA District Atty
Yes on Measure F Orange County
Yes on Library Bond Saratoga
No on Measure O San Jose
No on Measure M Seal Beach

Congressional Races:

Rep. Ellen Tauscher* CD 10
Rep. Sam Farr CD 17
Rep. Cal Dooley* CD 20
Michael Case CD 23
Rep. Brad Sherman* CD 24
Rep. Grace Napolitano CD 34
Council member Ron Oden CD 44
Rep. Bob Filner* CD 50