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For Immediate Release: March 14, 2002

FM3 Helps Guide Candidates and Ballot Measures To Victory in California and Texas

Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates (FMM&A) helped carry a number of candidates and ballot measures to victory in the California and Texas primary elections on March 5 and March 12 respectively.

In California, FMM&A participated in several notable victories, including the re-nomination of Governor Gray Davis. FMM&A research also helped win sizable statewide victories for Proposition 40 (a $2.6 billion conservation bond) and Proposition 42 (a measure which dedicated the state sales tax on gasoline to transportation projects). In addition, FMM&A research helped ensure the passage of Measure W in Orange County (making it possible to build a great park instead of an airport at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station). FMM&A also provided research that assisted school and community college districts in passing over $1.5 billion in school bonds. FMM&A research also helped the Cities of San José and Los Angeles pass public safety bonds.

In Texas, FMM&A research and strategic advice helped guide businessman Tony Sanchez to an overwhelming victory in the Democratic primary election for Governor. Sanchez won the election by a landslide margin of 61 percent to 33 percent, coming from behind to defeat a popular, two-term state Attorney General. Sanchez will face Republican Governor Rick Perry in the November general election. In addition, FMM&A research helped Chris Bell win a plurality of votes in a multi-candidate primary in the state’s 25th Congressional District; he will face in a runoff election.

Details on these and other FMM&A clients follow:


  • Governor Gray Davis – FMM&A conducted polls and helped develop the strategy that has resulted in the re-nomination of Governor Gray Davis, who will face Republican businessman Bill Simon in the fall.
  • Proposition 40 – FMM&A provided public opinion research, message and targeting guidance, and strategic advice for the backers of this $2.6 billion dollar conservation bond measure, the largest approved anywhere in national history. In the primary election context of a conservative electorate and the statewide economic downturn, FMM&A research helped shape a strategy that led the measure to win by a margin of 57 percent to 43 percent.
  • Proposition 42 – FMM&A provided survey and focus group research to supporters of Proposition 42, a ballot measure that makes permanent the dedication of the state sales tax on gasoline to transportation uses.

    FMM&A helped supporters of the measure craft a message that emphasized the measure’s contribution to reducing traffic congestion and increasing the ability to fund local transportation projects without raising taxes. Despite being the target of $3 million in “no” campaign advertising over the final week of the campaign, Prop 42 passed by an overwhelming margin of 69 percent to 31 percent.


  • Tony Sanchez – FMM&A conducted surveys and helped design the strategy for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tony Sanchez, who won a landslide victory by 61 percent to 33 percent over his more experienced opponent. This was Sanchez’ first campaign for public office, and he began this year trailing by nearly 30 points against a popular, former two-term Attorney General. In reversing that standing, Sanchez carried every geographic section of Texas and all demographic groups on his way to a decisive victory that should propel him into a very close and competitive race in the fall against Republican incumbent Rick Perry.
  • Chris Bell – FMM&A research helped guide Chris Bell to wining a 36-percent plurality of the vote in a multi-candidate Democratic primary field in Texas’ 25th Congressional District. Bell beat his next-closest opponent, Carroll Robinson, by nine points. Bell and Robinson will now advance to a runoff election.


  • Assisted by FMM&A research, San José Mayor Ron Gonzales won re-election to a second four-year term, without the need for a runoff. Gonzales won 57 percent of the vote and bested his closest opponent by a wide margin.
  • FMM&A provided opinion research and strategic advice to help political newcomer Wendy Greuel win a major upset victory against Assemblyman Tony Cardenas in a special election in the 2nd Council District in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles County, FMM&A research helped Sheriff Lee Baca easily win re-election over his two opponents.
  • In Ventura County, Greg Totten was elected District Attorney in a competitive open-seat election with the assistance of FMM&A’s voter opinion research. Totten was heavily outspent by his opponent, and yet won by a 29 percent margin.
  • FMM&A voter opinion research also helped Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher obtain a primary victory in the 10th Congressional District, Loni Hancock gain a primary win in the 14th Assembly District, and Mervyn Dymally achieve victory in the 52nd Assembly District.


  • FMM&A helped to pass approximately $1.5 billion in school bonds for elementary, high school and community college districts throughout California. FMM&A survey research helped to ensure the passage of twelve separate school bond issues in the March primary election, including all six community college bonds that the firm’s clients placed on the ballot.
  • FMM&A polling helped to pass utility users taxes in the cities of La Habra and La Palma; recent court decisions forced both cities to return to the ballot to seek voter approval of existing taxes.
  • FMM&A research helped pass Orange County’s Measure W, a measure that prepares the way for the creation of a Great Park, rather than a civilian airport, at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.
  • FMM&A research also helped win voter approval for Measure Q, a $600 million public safety bond in the City of Los Angeles; Measure O, a $159 million public safety bond in the City of San José; Measure D, a parcel tax for parks in the City of Davis; and Measure C, which re-structured the Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles County.

Among FMM&A clients winning victories during the 2002 primary election cycle in California and Texas were the following:

Statewide Races:

Gray Davis Democratic Nominee, Governor – CA
Tony Sanchez Democratic Nominee, Governor – TX
Phil Angelides Democratic Nominee, Treasurer – CA
Kevin Shelley Democratic Nominee, Sec. State – CA
Yes on Proposition 40
($2.6 billion conservation bond)
Yes on Proposition 42
(allocation of sales tax on gasoline)

Congressional Races:

Ellen Tauscher Democratic Nominee, CA CD 10
Chris Bell Advancing to Democratic Runoff, TX CD 25

California Assembly Races:

Loni Hanock Democratic Nominee, AD 14
Mervyn Dymally Democratic Nominee, AD 52

Local Offices:

Ron Gonzales San Jose Mayor
Lee Baca Los Angeles County Sheriff
Greg Totten Ventura County District Attorney
Wendy Greuel LA City Council Dist. 2

Local Bond Measures:

Yes on Measure Q ($600 million public safety bond) City of Los Angeles
Yes on Measure O ($159 million public safety bond) City of San José
Yes on Measure Y ($102 million school bond) Placentia-Yorba Linda USD
Yes on Measure S ($356 million school bond) Ventura CCD
Yes on Measure A ($84.9 million school bond) Butte-Glenn CCD
Yes on Measure A ($150 million school bond) Fremont-Newark CCD
Yes on Measure A ($251 million school bond) Santa Rosa Junior College
Yes on Measure D ($300 million school bond) West Contra Costa USD
Yes on Measure F ($52 million school bond) Salinas Union High School District
Yes on Measure E ($60 million school bond) Hemet USD
Yes on Measure U ($160 million school bond) Santa Monica CCD
Yes on Measure O ($140 million school bond) Vista USD
Yes on Measure A ($120 million school bond) Contra Costa CCD
Yes on Measure C ($100 million school bond) Fairfield Suisun USD

Local Ballot Measures:

Yes on Measure W (El Toro Airport Reuse) Orange County
Yes on Measure C (Sheriff Department Restructuring) Los Angeles County
Yes on Proposition II (La Habra Utility Tax) City of La Habra
Yes on Measure JJ (La Palma Utility Tax) City of La Palma
Yes on Measure D (Davis Parks Parcel Tax) City of Davis
Yes on Measure A (Lawndale Utility Users Tax) City of Lawndale