News Archive for June, 2003

For Immediate Release: June 3, 2003

In A Tough Year For Democrats And Bond Measures, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates Finds A Way To Win

The 2002 mid-term elections saw Republicans make historic gains and Democrats struggle across the country. In addition, voter turnout was at historic lows in many parts of the nation while a weak economic recovery and news of ballooning state budgets put voters in a sour and stingy mood regarding ballot measures for public spending. Nevertheless, even with this difficult political environment, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates (FMM&A) was successful in helping guide numerous candidates and ballot measures to victory in some of the nation’s most highly contested elections.

Candidates aided by FMM&A prevailed in election contests at all levels of the ballot, from Governor to local, county and city officials. In California, FMM&A helped Governor Gray Davis win re-election to a second term after a long and hard-fought campaign. FMM&A also provided voter opinion research and consulting to California Treasurer Phil Angelides who also was successful in winning re-election, and Steve Westly who was elected California State Controller in his first try for elective office. FMM&A served as the pollster for Terry Goddard’s successful campaign for Attorney General in Arizona, and FMM&A conducted polling for Jesse White who was elected Secretary of State in Illinois. FMM&A also provided opinion research and strategic advice to Democratic members of Congress in tightly contested districts in California and Texas, including Chris Bell who faced a particularly strong challenge. The firm also helped elect Sylvia Garcia as a Harris County (Houston) Commissioner, making her one of the highest-ranking Latina elected officials in the country. Other FMM&A-assisted candidates won for mayor and city council in various California localities and districts. FMM&A provided polling research for California Speaker of the State Assembly Herb Wesson on the budget and other policy issues, as well as for the election/re-election of Assembly candidates across the state.

FMM&A was also successful with important ballot measures for financing educational and health care infrastructure and services, extending environmental protections and restructuring Indian gaming. FMM&A helped California’s Proposition 50, a major water and land conservation bond, win voter approval in spite of a tilt towards more conservative voters in California’s low turnout election. FMM&A also aided the passage of Proposition 202 in Arizona, a ballot measure restructuring the framework for Indian gaming in that state, which also required defeating two competing measures. FMM&A also won significant victories with Arizona’s Proposition 303 (a state tobacco tax), Nevada’s Question 1 (a statewide conservation bond) and Florida Constitutional Amendment No. 6 (protection against second hand smoke health hazards in the workplace).

In addition, FMM&A provided voter opinion research and consulting for key local ballot measures, including Measure K, a 3.4 billion dollar bond for public schools in Los Angeles and Measure B, a property tax increment to sustain Los Angeles County trauma centers – the first property tax increase passed by voters since passing Proposition 13 in 1978. FMM&A provided strategic research to defeat San Fernando Valley and Hollywood secession (Measures F & H) in the City of Los Angeles. FMM&A also helped pass college construction financing measures in ten community college districts throughout California and other measures to finance local transportation, K-12 school construction, public library construction and park improvement projects in various California jurisdictions.

Statewide Races:

Gray Davis (I) Governor (CA)
Phil Angelides Treasurer (CA)
Steve Westly Controller (CA)
Terry Goddard Attorney General (AZ)
Jesse White Secretary of State (IL)
Yes on Proposition 50 CA
Yes on Proposition 202 AZ
Yes on Proposition 303 AZ
Yes on Question 1 NV
Yes on No. 6 FL

Congressional Races:

Chris Bell CD 25 (TX)
Cal Dooley (I) CD 20 (CA)
Brad Sherman (I) CD 24 (CA)
Ellen Tauscher (I) CD 10 (CA)

California State Legislative Races:

Carol Liu (I) AD 44 (CA)
Simón Salinas (I) AD 28 (CA)

Other Offices:

Sylvia Garcia Harris County Commissioner (TX)

Local Ballot Measures:

Yes on Measure H/UUT Fairfield, CA
Yes on Measure Q/UUT Los Alamitos, CA
Yes on Measure B/Trauma Tax Los Angeles County
No on Measure F/Secession City of Los Angeles
No on Measure H/Secession City of Los Angeles
No on Measure L/Port Zoning West Sacramento, CA

Community College/K-12 School Bond Measures:

Yes on Measure C Coast CCD
Yes on Measure CC Compton CCD
Yes on Measure I Compton USD
Yes on Measure E El Camino CCD
Yes on Proposition R Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD
Yes on Measure H Hartnell CCD
Yes on Measures G and H Healdsburg USD
Yes on Measure G Kern CCD
Yes on Measure K Los Angeles USD
Yes on Measure N Napa Valley CCD
Yes on Measure S Norwalk La Mirada USD
Yes on Measure E Rancho Santiago CCD
Yes on Measure M Salinas Union HSD
Yes on Proposition S San Diego CCD
Yes on Measu