FM3 Helps Protect The Environment, Reform Government, Support Education And Fund Public Transportation Improvements

Posted on: November 18, 2008



Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates played a key role in this historic election, helping to pass dozens of statewide and local ballot measures across the country. FMM&A’s research also helped elect numerous candidates to office in key swing districts. Among FMM&A’s critical statewide ballot measure victories on November 4th were the passage of the Clean Ohio ballot measure (Issue 2), Proposition A in Missouri, and the Minnesota Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment, as well as helping to defeat Proposition 7 in California and the Constitutional Convention referendum in Illinois.

Despite the worst pre-election economic conditions in decades, Minnesota voters actually increased the state sales tax to ensure the protection of Minnesota’s natural resources. The Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment will provide more funding for conservation programs — $5.5 billion — than any other measure in national history. Voters in Ohio renewed hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for conservation by passing the Clean Ohio measure by a resounding 69%.  In passing Measure R, Los Angeles County voters increased the sales tax by half a cent to fund as much as forty billion dollars in transportation infrastructure improvements over thirty years.  Proposition A, which passed in Missouri, will reform casino gaming regulations and create a dedicated, new public education support fund from gambling tax proceeds.

Illinois’ Constitutional Convention referendum would have allowed special interests to possibly rewrite the state’s constitution, while Proposition 7 was a poorly-drafted initiative that would have hurt small alternative energy businesses and set back renewable energy development in California, in spite of seeming good intentions.  Both propositions were defeated in big come-from-behind wins with FMM&A’s help.

FMM&A’s work for Advancing Wisconsin, an independent expenditure group, helped propel President-elect Obama to a 13% point victory in the state. FMM&A’s unique targeting advice helped Obama win a larger share of rural and small town counties than in any other medium or large state.  FMM&A’s research aided independent groups working to mobilize the Latino community in Colorado, a growing part of the electorate, against that state’s Amendment 46 and Amendment 48, measures that would have curtailed abortion rights and affirmative action.

Several Democrats in tough targeted races were successful on Election Day with FMM&A’s help. Congressman Steve Kagen was re-elected in Wisconsin, while Joan Buchanan was elected to the State Assembly in California, turning the last Republican legislative seat in the San Francisco Bay Area blue. Other successful clients this election cycle included Congressman Rick Larsen of Washington and Carol Liuand Loni Hancock for State Senate in California, as well as Sonoma County Supervisor Valerie Brown and San Diego City Councilmember Marti Emerald.

FMM&A also helped to pass dozens of local ballot measures to fund vital services, despite unprecedented economic turmoil:

  • FMM&A helped to pass several key transportation measures, including Measure A in Santa Barbara County and Measure D in Imperial County, which both continued a half-cent sales tax to generate revenue for road and rail improvement, and Measure R in Los Angeles County. These measures all passed with two-thirds of the vote. FMM&A also provided research for Sound Transit’s Proposition 1 in Washington, which increased the sales tax by half a cent to expand light rail and other mass transit in the Tri-County Area. Proposition 1 passed with 58% of the vote. The Tri-County area includes King County – the largest county in Washington- as well as Pierce and Snohomish.
  • FMM&A played a key role in passing important school bond measures in both large urban districts and small rural districts in California. These measures raised a total of over $10 billion for more than a dozen schools districts across the state, including $2.1 billion for the San Diego USD and $1.2 billion for the Long Beach USD, as well as $225 million for the Colton USD, $500 million for the Victor Valley USD, and $130 million for the Westminster USD.

FMM&A also helped to pass several important community college bond measures, including a $3.5 billion bond for the Los Angeles Community College District, a $389 million bond for the Southwestern Community College District, and a $350 million bond for the Mt. San Antonio Community College District.

FMM&A’s research helped to pass over $1.5 billion in hospital bonds in California, funding that will help renovate major hospitals in both San Francisco and Santa Jose.  These measures both required a two-thirds vote to pass.

FMM&A helped to pass bonds for the Oregon Zoo in Portland and Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

FMM&A was also able to help pass extensions for utility user taxes in Inglewood, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, Santa Barbara,  Santa Monica, and Stockton, as well a new utility users tax in Cathedral City.

FMM&A’s work helped pass library bonds of $37 million in Gilroy and $76 million in Palo Alto.

FMM&A also provided research to help pass city sales taxes in Arvin, Capitola, Galt, La Habra, La Mesa, and Oxnard.

Statewide Races:

No on Proposition 7 California
Yes on Proposition 11 California**
No on ConCon Illinois
Clean Water Amendment Minnesota
Yes on Proposition A Missouri
Issue 2 – Clean Ohio Ohio
Advancing Wisconsin Wisconsin/Presidential Race


Candidate Races:

Rick Larsen Washington CD 2
Steve Kagen Wisconsin CD 8
Loni Hancock California SD 9
Carol Liu California SD 21
Joan Buchanan California AD 15
Valerie Brown Sonoma Supervisor
Marti Emerald San Diego City Council


K-12 Bond Measures:

(all required 55% approval)

Measure Z $125M Beaumont USD
Measure U $60M Ceres USD
Measure G $225M Colton Joint USD
Measure X $20M Helendale USD
Measure K $1.2B Long Beach USD
Measure Q $7B Los Angeles USD
Measure BB $67M Manhattan Beach USD
Prop S $2.1B San Diego USD
Measure E $150M Victor Elementary USD
Measure V $500M Victor Valley USD
Measure O $130M Westminster USD


Community College Bond Measures:

(all required 55% approval)

Measure Z $125M Beaumont USD
Measure J $3.5B Los Angeles CCD
Measure RR $350M Mt San Antonio CCD


School Parcel Taxes:

Measure L 1 cent Arvin, CA
Measure D 1/4 cent Capitola, CA
Measure R 1/2 cent Galt, CA
Measure T 1/2 cent La Habra, CA
Measure L 3/4 cent La Mesa, CA
Measure O 1/2 cent Oxnard, CA


City Utility Users Taxes:

Measure L 3% Utility Users Tax Cathedral City, CA
Measure UUT Utility Users Tax Inglewood, CA
Measure L Utility Users Tax Lakewood, CA
Measure U Utility Users Tax Los Angeles County, CA
Measure O Utility Users Tax Sacramento, CA
Measure J/K Utility Users Tax San Jose, CA
Measure G Utility Users Tax Santa Barbara, CA
Measure SM Utility Users Tax Santa Monica, CA
Measure U Utility Users Tax Stockton, CA


Hospital Bonds:

Proposition A* $887M Hospital Bond San Francisco, CA
Measure A* $840M Hospital Bond Santa ClaraCounty


Library Bonds:

Measure F* $37M Library Bond Gilroy, CA
Measure N* $76M Library Bond Palo Alto, CA


Zoo Bonds:

Measure 29-96 Zoo Bond Oregon
Proposition 2 $33M Zoo Bond Salt Lake City, UT


Conservation Taxes:

Measure H* $30M Bond Martinez, CA
Measure 34-156 Park Bond Oregon
Measure M Parks Amendment San Jose, CA
Measure Y* $30M Open Space Bond San Juan Capistrano
Measure E* Clean Beach Parcel Tax Santa Cruz, CA


Transportation Sales Taxes:

Measure D* 1/2 cent Sales Tax Imperial County, CA
Measure R* 1/2 cent Sales Tax Los Angeles County, CA
Measure A* 1/2 cent Sales Tax Santa Barbara County
Proposition 1 1/2 cent Sales Tax Washington


Development/Real Estate Measures:

Measure P Real Estate Transaction Tax Alameda, CA
Measure H Beverly Hilton/  
  Revitalization Referendum Beverly Hills, CA**
Measure EE Slow Growth Initiative Redondo Beach, CA
Measure X Open Space Initiative San Juan Capistrano
Proposition D Pier 70 Development San Francisco, CA
No on Prop B San Diego Port Development San Diego, CA


Public Safety Bonds:

Measure A Transient Occupancy Tax Kingsburg, CA
Measure E* $20M Bond Larkspur/Corte Madera, CA
Proposition A* Gang Prevention Measure Los Angeles, CA**
Measure OO Kids First Funding Oakland, CA