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For Immediate Release: March 6, 2009

FM3 Helps Raise New Revenues For Cities In Tough Economic Times

Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates (FMM&A) played an important role in several local elections on March 3, 2009, helping to pass several key measures around the state of California, as well as electing two candidates to city office in Los Angeles.

Despite these difficult economic times, FMM&A was still able to help California cities pass local finance measures, securing additional local sources of revenue to maintain funding for essential city services.  Measure C, which passed in the City of Carson, establishes a new 2% utility user tax (UUT) to fund vital city services including law enforcement, emergency services, and programs for seniors and children. Although it only required a simple majority to pass, and shared a ballot with contentious mayoral and city council races, the measure received almost 70% of the vote.  FMM&A polling showed a consistent increase in support for this measure over time, even as the state and national economies continued to spiral downward.  Carson is facing a $5 million structural deficit and the research identified the services and messages that motivated a broad cross-section of voters in this racially diverse, blue collar city to institute a new tax, rather than face service reductions.

The March 3rd election demonstrated that FMM&A continues to be the industry leader in conducting research to aid California cities in passing ballot measures to renew and modernize utility user taxes. FMM&A assisted in the passage of UUT reauthorization measures in the cities of BellflowerGardena, and Redondo Beach.  Measure A in Bellflower passed with 82% of the vote, while the measures in Gardena and Redondo Beach received 86% and 75% of the vote respectively. The revenues from these measures maintain a critical source of city revenue to fund law enforcement and emergency services, youth and senior programs, street maintenance and repair, parks and other city programs.

In addition, two FMM&A clients were elected to city office in Los Angeles. Elected as the new City Controller, Wendy Greuel was the leading vote getter in Los Angeles, with 65% of the vote in a three-way race.  Janice Hahn was chosen by voters to return as District 15’s Councilmember with an overwhelming 76% of the vote.


City Ballot Measures:

Measure A Utility User Tax Bellflower
Measure C Utility User Tax Carson
Measure A Utility User Tax Gardena
Measure RB-A Utility User Tax Redondo Beach



Wendy Greuel City Controller Los Angeles
Janice Hahn City Council District 15 Los Angeles