Business Services

FM3 has considerable experience in providing custom-designed opinion research for corporations, including non-profit organizations, which face public policy issues, government decisions and image problems that can affect the bottom line and organization's objectives. Often working with leading U.S. and international public relations/public affairs/crisis-management consultants, FM3 uses its opinion research capabilities to ascertain public perceptions of the client and the policy matters that are important to it and monitors change in those perceptions over time. With this information as context, FM3 tests public responsiveness to themes and messages intended to influence public opinion in a direction that is positive from the client's perspective. In this respect, FM3 provides empirical evidence to help shape and support specific communication strategies intended to solve problems and reach favorable outcomes.

Implicit in FM3's approach and contribution to business client needs is the firm belief that developing a more positive public opinion climate is an important element of a successful public relations strategy. This applies to situations where decision makers are few and concentrated in a given governmental entity, as well as where the broader public may "vote" directly in the competitive market place or indirectly by transmitting attitudes to public officials.

In addition, FM3 works with business management by using public opinion research to provide systematic insight into employee perceptions of both internal and external issues. As a management tool, FM3 supplied employee opinion research has proven effective for helping improve management-employee relations, understanding employee perspectives on key issues and defining measures to gain employee confidence in management decisions.

FM3 would welcome the opportunity to further discuss your needs and FM3's qualifications and capabilities in the corporate sector. Please feel free to contact us at 310-NoSkype828-1183, or at