General Research Services

Survey Research

FM3 regularly conducts random-sample telephone, mail and Internet surveys to measure public opinion; in total, the firm conducts as many as 300 such surveys each year. FM3 has conducted survey research in virtually every U.S. state, as well as western and eastern Europe, Mexico, Central America and South America. The firm is adept at conducting surveys among a wide variety of specialized target audiences, ranging from registered voters to employees of an organization to consumers of a given product or service.

In all its survey research, FM3 works closely with the client to develop a detailed understanding of their research needs and custom-designs a survey questionnaire tailored to address those specific needs. In designing the survey questionnaire, the firm's staff draws on its knowledge of public opinion survey methodology as well as past research conducted among the target population. Where appropriate, FM3 will track questions asked in previous surveys in order to assess changes in public opinion over time.

FM3 provides the topline results of every survey, showing percentage responses to each survey question, immediately upon completion of the survey. Within 24 to 48 hours following the final interviews, FM3 provides the client with a comprehensive set of cross-tabulated results, including tables for each question in the survey, with a series of up to 200 columns indicating how numerous demographic, geographic, and attitudinal subgroups of the survey population responded to each individual question. Additional relational and comparative statistics follow as required by the nature of the survey.

Results of the survey are presented in the formats desired by the clients, which can range from informal, in-person briefings supported by graphs to written memos and full-scale reports. Written reports and memos present key data in tabular and graphic form, as well as analysis and recommendations based on the survey results. In addition, FM3 partners and staff are available for on-going consultation on putting the survey results to work in designing communications or outreach efforts.