Who We Help

We help organizations win political campaigns; understand public perceptions of policy ideas; provide better services; change public behaviors; and improve brand recognition.

Areas of Expertise

FM3 has developed expertise in a wide variety of issue areas, including ballot measure and candidate campaigns; local government; environmental protection; transportation; and numerous others.

Research Tools

We are experts in proven and emerging quantitative and qualitative research techniques, including telephone and online surveys; in-person focus groups; online discussion boards; ad testing; and many more.

Opinion Research Driving Strategy

FM3 provides strategic advice to organizations seeking to educate, influence, or better serve target populations. Our advice is based upon opinion research we conduct with those populations, either through quantitative surveys with larger populations or qualitative research with smaller subgroups. (In other words, we conduct various kinds of surveys and focus groups.)

Delivering Honest and Direct Advice to our Clients

We have decades of research experience, as well as a sophisticated, in-house, data analytics team. But none of this matters without a personal touch.

Given our size, our clients always get one-on-one attention from our partners, and we take the time to understand your goals and unique circumstances.