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About Us

FM3 Research is a California-based company that has been conducting public policy-oriented opinion research since 1981. While we initially conducted primarily political surveys for candidate and ballot measure campaigns, we have significantly broadened our focus over the past several decades. Now, if you want to educate, influence, or better serve a specific population, we can help.

In other words, though our bread-and-butter may still be political campaigns, we also conduct all types of general population surveys. These include surveys for organizations seeking to deepen their understanding of how the public perceives certain policy issues, or how the public perceives their organization or its services. We also conduct a wide-range of research with “closed” populations, such as employees or key decision-makers.

In any given year, we conduct hundreds of surveys and focus groups (and other types of opinion research), and use what we find to provide strategic insights and advice to our clients. Given the wide scope of research we conduct annually, and our decades of experience, it is likely your unique opinion research challenge will feel familiar to us.

Our 22 full-time employees split between our Los Angeles and Oakland offices are fully equipped to handle not only a high volume of work, but also to do so with creative, hands-on consulting. While we are not so big that you will wonder whom to call with your questions, we are big enough to have our own in-house data analysis/processing team and presentation design resources. This enables us to turn projects around quickly, and to engage in more sophisticated data analysis tailored to client needs.

Finally, while our formal name is Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, Inc., since it is admittedly a mouthful, we typically go by either FM3 Research or just FM3. But we’re not picky. Your choice.