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While it would be easy for us to say, “FM3 conducts surveys and focus groups,” we feel the services we provide go beyond just our research tools.  We strive to provide our clients with research-derived strategic insights and advice to help achieve their goals — whatever they be — across a wide range of issue areas.  So, ultimately, this means our services include…

Helping organizations win political campaigns

This includes includes ballot measure campaigns, candidate campaigns, and legislative persuasion campaigns.

Helping organizations understand public perceptions of policy ideas

This includes helping public sector agencies or non-profit/advocacy organizations achieve deeper understandings of how the public views specific policy proposals and the most effective ways to communicate about these issues.

Helping organizations provide better services, benefits, or products

This includes cities seeking to gauge residential satisfaction with their services, employers seeking to better understand employee needs, or companies seeking to learn more about their customers.

Helping organizations change public behaviors

This can include getting people to use less water, take public transit more often, recycle more at home, or become more active in local government.

Helping organizations improve their brand recognition

This can include the “brand” recognition of a political candidate, a policy program, a lower-profile special district, a non-profit organization, or a for-profit company.