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Areas of Expertise

Though all of our researchers are experienced with ballot measure and candidate campaigns, we also work an a wide assortment of non-campaign topics.  However, often this work still touches on issues of public policy — either directly or indirectly.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the issue areas in which we work most frequently, and can draw upon past our experiences in how we approach our research and strategic consulting.

Ballot measure campaigns

FM3 has extensive experience conducting research for a wide variety of successful statewide & local ballot measures. (Client list)

Candidate campaigns

Every election cycle, FM3 works on numerous campaigns to elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels. (Client list)

Local Government

Counties, cities, school districts, and other special districts all use FM3 to learn how to better serve their consituents. (Client list)


Climate change, water protection, and land conservation are some of the environmental topics FM3 regularly researches. (Client list)


In addition to research on education funding, FM3 also helps those striving to improve educational outcomes. (Client list)


FM3 conducts research on improving healthcare costs, equitable healthcare access, and health outcomes. (Client list)


FM3’s transportation experience ranges from securing funding sources to improving transit systems to reducing congestion. (Client list)

Land Use

FM3 has experience working on many land use issues, including protecting open space and urban infill development. (Client list)


FM3 has broad, national experience researching expanding the generation of clean, renewable, and reliable energy. (Client list)

Criminal Justice Reform

FM3 has worked with numerous clients on criminal justice issues, including drug policy and sentencing reform. (Client list)


FM3 has a long history working with labor unions on issues related to fair treatment to public retirement pensions. (Client list)