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Denny Han

Research Associate

Denny Han

Research Associate Denny Han has been with FM3 for three years and is responsible for assisting senior researchers in the design of survey questionnaires and crosstabs, drafting of client memos and presentations, and conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Over the last several election cycles, his work also contributed to victorious ballot measure campaigns centered on drug policy reform, public transit, education, city finance, and conservation throughout the country, as well as several electoral victories and local government and NGO policy decisions.

Denny joined FM3 Research shortly after graduating with a BA in political science from UC Berkeley. Prior to his role at FM3, Denny built his professional experience interning for an independent research firm, a California labor organization, and several Members of Congress.

In his free time, Denny enjoys hiking, rock climbing, reading, travel, photography, and solving the daily New York Times crossword.