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Austin (TX): Proposition 13, $30M Bond, Nov. 2012
Austin (TX): Proposition 14, $77.68M Bond, Nov. 2012
California: No on Proposition 23, Suspension of Global Warming Solutions Act, Nov. 2010
California: No on Proposition 65, Money from Carry-Out Bags, Nov. 2016
California: Proposition 11, Redistricting, Nov. 2008
California: Proposition 12, $2.2B Safe Parks & Coastal Protection Bond, 2000
California: Proposition 138, Forests Forever, 1990
California: Proposition 40, Safe Neighborhood Parks and Coastal Protection Act, 2002
California: Proposition 50, Coastal Wetlands Purchase and Protection, 2002
California: Proposition 65, Toxics Initiative, 1986
California: Proposition 67, Plastic Bag Ban, Nov. 2016
California: Proposition 70, $776M Conservation Bond, 1988
California: Proposition13, $1.8B Safe Drinking Water & Flood Protection Bond, 2000
Chaffee County (CO): Measure 1A, 0.25% Sales Tax, Nov. 2018
City and County of San Francisco (CA): Measure AA, Clean Water, Pollution Prevention & Habitat Restoration Program, June 2016
City and County of San Francisco (CA): No on Proposition H, Golden Gate Park Athletic Fields No Artificial Lighting, Nov. 2014
City and County of San Francisco (CA): Prop A, Seawall Bond, Nov. 2018
City and County of San Francisco (CA): Proposition I, Renovation of Playgrounds, Walking Trails & Athletic Fields, Nov. 2014
City of Arcata (CA): Measure A, Parcel Tax for Parks & Open Space, Nov. 2020
City of Denver (CO): Measure 2A, 0.5% Sales Tax, Nov. 2020
City of Mesa (AZ): Question 1, ½-Cent Sales Tax, 1998
Culver City (CA): Measure CW, $99/Parcel, Safe/Clean Water Protection, Nov. 2016
East Bay (CA): Measure CC, $12/Parcel, East Bay Regional Park District, Nov. 2004
East Wenatchee (WA): Proposition 1, Eastmont Parks Measure, Nov. 2016
Elk Grove (CA): Measure E, General Sales Tax, Nov. 2022
Grand County (CO): Referred Issue 1A, Environmental Tax Increase Measure, Nov. 2016
Iowa: Constitutional Amendment 1, Water and Land Legacy Amendment, Nov. 2010
Issaquah (WA): Proposition 1, Park Improvement and Maintenance Bond, Nov. 2006
Maine: Question 6, Clean Water & Wetlands Bond Issue, Nov. 2014
Marin County (CA): Measure M, $23M Bond, Nov. 2022
Martinez (CA): Measure F, Parcel Tax, June 2022
Metro (OR): Measure 26-225, Water and Parks Tax, Nov. 2022
Minnesota: Constitutional Amendment, 3/8 of 1% Sales Tax, Nov. 2008
Missouri: Amendment 1, 0.001% Sales Tax, Nov. 2016
Montana: No on Initiative 147. Defeated Mining Industry Effort to Overturn Ban on Cyanide Leach Mining, Nov. 2004
Monterey County (CA): Measure Z, Oil & Gas Drilling Operations Initiative, Nov. 2016
Monterey County (CA): No on Measure K, Fort Ord Veterans Cemetery, Open Space Preservation and Economic Revitalization, Nov. 2013
Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (CA): Measure E, Special Tax for Parks, Open Space & Coastal Preservation, Nov. 2016
Ohio: Issue #2, Clean Ohio Renewal Bond Measure, Nov. 2008
Olympia (WA): Proposition 1, Parks and Recreation Facilities, Utility Tax Measure, Sept. 2004
OR METRO (OR): Measure 26-203, Bonds to Protect Natural Areas, March 2019
Oregon (Metro): Measure 26-152, Local Option Levy, Improve Natural Areas for Fish, May 2013
Oregon (Metro): Measure 26-80, Open Space Bond, $227.4 Bond, Nov. 2006
Oregon (Metro): Measure 29-96, $125M Bond, 2008
Oregon: Measure 64, Timber Harvest Restrictions, 1998
Oregon: Measure 66, Parks and Salmon Measure, 1998
Oregon: Measure 76, Constitutional Amendment, Continues Lottery Funding for Parks, Beaches, Wildlife Habitat, Nov. 2010
Ravalli County (MT): Referendum to Repeal the Growth Policy, Nov. 2008
Rhode Island: Question 3, $50M Environmental Bond, Nov. 2022
Rhode Island: Question 5, Wastewater/Drinking Water Infrastructure Bond, Nov. 2012
Rhode Island: Question 6, Nov. 2012
Riverside County (CA): Measure K, Parcel Tax for Parks and Open Space, 1990
Town of East Hampton (NY): Proposal 1, Community Preservation Fund, Nov. 2016
Town of Riverhead (NY): Proposal 1, Community Preservation Fund, Nov. 2016
Town of Southampton (NY): Proposal 1, Community Preservation Fund, Nov. 2016
Town of Southold (NY): Proposal 1, Community Preservation Fund, Nov. 2016
Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District (OR): Measure 34-156, $100M Bond, Preserve Natural Areas, Nov. 2008
Washington: Initiative 97, Toxics Control Act, 1988
Willamalane Parks & Recreation District (OR): Measure 20-199, $20M Bond, Nov. 2012
Windsor (CA): Measure R, Waste Management, 1996
Bainbridge Island (WA): Proposition 1, Levy Lid Lift for Public Safety & Parks, Nov. 2008
Bellevue (WA): Proposition 1, Metropolitan Parks & Recreation District Levy, Nov. 2008
Bend Parks & Recreation District (OR): Measure 9-86, $29M Bond, Nov. 2012
Big Green Initiative (CA): Proposition 128, 1990
Dade County (FL): Measure A, $200M Park Bond, 1996
Florida: Amendment 1, Land & Water Conservation Initiative, Nov. 2014
Fresno County (CA): Measure Z, 0.001% Sales Tax, Nov. 2004
Harris County (TX): Proposition C, $200M Parks Bond, Nov. 2022
Honolulu County (HI): Question 1, 2% Real Property Tax, Land Conservation, Nov. 2006
Houston (TX): Proposition B, $166M Bond, Nov. 2012
Houston (TX): Proposition B, $60M Parks Bond, Nov. 2022
Lane County (OR): Measure 20-335, Property Tax, Nov. 2022
Los Angeles (CA): Measure K, $25M Safe Parks for Children Bond, 1996
Los Angeles (CA): Measure O, $500M Clean Water/Storm Drain Bond, Nov. 2004
Los Angeles (CA): Proposition CC, $47.6M Zoo Bond, 1998
Los Angeles (CA): Proposition EE, $35M Exposition Park Bond, $35 Million, 1998
Los Angeles County (CA): Measure A, $319M Safe Neighborhood Parks, 1996
Los Angeles County (CA): Measure A, Park and Open Space Protection Parcel Tax, Nov. 2016
Nevada: Question 1, $200M Conservation Bond, 2002
New Jersey: Public Question 1, $400M Bonds, Floodplain Protection and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 2009, Nov. 2009
New Jersey: Public Question 3, $200M Bonds, Historic Preservation Bond Act, Nov. 2007
New Jersey: Public Question No. 2, Open Space Preservation Funding Amendment, Nov. 2014
New Smyrna Beach (FL): Turnbull Preservation Project, Nov. 2018
New York: Proposition 1, $4.2B Environmental Bond, Nov. 2022
Newark (NJ): Municipal Question 1, Open Space and Recreation Trust Fund, Nov. 2013
Pennsylvania: $625M Growing Greener Conservation Bond, May 2005
Portland METRO (OR): Measure 26-178, Protect our Natural Areas, Tax Levy, Nov. 2016
Salt Lake City (UT): $85M Parks Bond, Nov. 2022
Salt Lake County (UT): Proposition 1, $47M Bond, Open Space, Natural Habitat, Parks & Community Trails, Nov. 2012
Salt Lake County (UT): Proposition 2, $33M Bond, Hogle Zoo, Nov. 2008
San Antonio (TX): Proposition 1, Edwards Aquifer Protection Venue Project, Nov. 2010
San Antonio (TX): Proposition 2, Parks Development and Expansion Venue Project, Nov. 2010
San Bernardino County (CA): Yes on Measure M and No on Measure L, Nov. 1996
San José (CA): Measure P, $296M Parks and Recreation Bond, 2000
San José (CA): Measure P, Long Term Agreements in Certain City Parks, Nov. 2008
San Juan Capistrano (CA): Measure Y, $30M Bond, Open Space, Natural Areas & Clean Water Preservation, Nov. 2008
Santa Clara Valley Water District (CA): Measure B, Clean Safe Creeks Parcel Tax, Nov. 2012
Santa Cruz (CA): Measure E, Clean River & Ocean Tax, Nov. 2008
Santa Cruz County (CA): Measure C, Single-Use Cup Tax, June 2022
Santa Monica (CA): Measure V, Clean Beaches and Ocean Parcel Tax Act, Nov. 2006
Shasta County (CA): No on Measure B, Churn Creek Bottom Agricultural Lands General Plan Amendment, June 2012
Smithfield Township (PA): Water Quality, Forest & Wildlife Habitat Fund, Nov. 2016
Sonoma County (CA): Measure F, ¼-Cent Sales Tax, Nov. 2006
Sonoma County (CA): Measure M, Park Funding, Nov. 2018
Statewide (CA): Prop 19, Property Tax Transfers for Wildfire Agencies and Counties Amendment, Nov. 2020
Statewide (CA): Prop 68, Parks, Environment, and Water Bond, June 2018
Statewide (CA): Proposition 39, Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding, Nov. 2012
Statewide (CT): Amendment 2, Public Land Conveyance, Nov. 2018
Statewide (MI): Proposal 1, Natural Resources Trust Fund, Nov. 2020
Statewide (OR): Measure 105, Anti-Sanctuary State Measure, Nov. 2018
Statewide (RI): Question 2, State Beaches and Water Bond Measure, March 2021
Valley Water (Santa Clara County, CA): Measure S, $.006/Sq.Ft. Parcel Tax for Valley Water's Protection Program, Nov. 2020