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Arizona: Arts and Entertainment Center/Mesa ½-cent Sales Tax, Question 1, 1998
Austin (TX): $30M Bond, Yes on Proposition 13, Nov. 2012
Austin (TX): $77.68M Bond, Yes on Proposition 14, Nov. 2012
California (Statewide) Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding, Yes on Proposition 39, Nov. 2012
California Suspension of Global Warming Solutions Act, No on Proposition 23, Nov. 2010
California: $1.8B Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection and Flood Protection Bond, Proposition13, 2000
California: $2.2B Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air & Coastal Protection Bond, Proposition 12, 2000
California: $776M Wildlife, Coastal and Park Conservation Bond, Proposition 70, 1988
California: Clean Water, Clean Air, Safe Neighborhood Parks and Coastal Protection Act, Proposition 40, 2002
California: Forests Forever, Proposition 138, 1990
California: Money from Carry-Out Bags, No on Proposition 65, Nov. 2016
California: Plastic Bag Ban, Yes on Proposition 67, Nov. 2016
California: Redistricting, Yes on Proposition 11, Nov. 2008
California: Toxics Initiative, Proposition 65, 1986
California: Water Quality, Supply and Safe Drinking Water Projects, Coastal Wetlands Purchase and Protection, Proposition 50, 2002
Culver City (CA): Safe/Clean Water Protection, Yes on Measure CW, $99/Parcel Nov. 2016
East Bay (CA): $12/Parcel, East Bay Regional Park District, Yes on Measure CC, Nov. 2004
East Wenatchee (WA): Eastmont Parks Measure, Proposition 1, Nov. 2016
Grand County (CO): Environmental Tax Increase Measure, Referred Issue 1A, Nov. 2016
Iowa: Water and Land Legacy Amendment, Constitutional Amendment 1, Nov. 2010
Issaquah (WA): Park Improvement and Maintenance Bond, Proposition 1, Nov. 2006
Maine: Clean Water & Wetlands Bond Issue, Question 6, Nov. 2014
Minnesota: Constitutional Amendment, 3/8 of 1% Sales Tax for Clean Water, Wildlife, Cultural Heritage & Natural Areas, Nov. 2008
Missouri: Amendment 1,.001% Sales/Use Tax, Nov. 2016
Montana: Defeated Mining Industry Effort to Overturn Ban on Cyanide Leach Mining, No on Initiative 147. Nov. 2004
Monterey County (CA): Fort Ord Veterans Cemetery, Open Space Preservation and Economic Revitalization, No on Measure K, Nov. 2013
Monterey County (CA): Oil & Gas Drilling Operations Initiative, Measure Z, Nov. 2016
Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (CA): Special Tax for Parks, Open Space & Coastal Preservation, Measure E, Nov. 2016
Ohio: Clean Ohio Renewal Bond Measure, Yes on Issue #2, Nov. 2008
Olympia (WA): Parks and Recreation Facilities, Utility Tax Measure, Yes on Proposition 1, Sept. 2004
Oregon (Metro): $125M Bond, Yes on Measure 29-96, Protect Animal Health & Safety, Conserve, Recycle Water (Zoo)
Oregon (Metro): Open Space Bond, $227.4 Bond, Measure 26-80, Nov. 2006
Oregon (Metro): Yes on Measure 26-152, Local Option Levy: Improve Natural Areas, Water Quality For Fish, May 2013
Oregon: Constitutional Amendment - Continues Lottery Funding for Parks, Beaches, Wildlife Habitat, Watershed Protection, Measure 76, Nov. 2010
Oregon: Parks and Salmon Measure, Measure 66, 1998
Oregon: Timber Harvest Restrictions, Measure 64, 1998
Ravalli County (MT): Referendum to Repeal the Growth Policy, Nov. 2008
Rhode Island: $12M Bond Wastewater Infrastructure/ $8M Bond Drinking Water Infrastructure, Yes on Question 5, Nov. 2012
Rhode Island: Yes on Question 6, Nov. 2012
Riverside County (CA): Parcel Tax for Parks and Open Space, Measure K, 1990
Town of East Hampton (NY): Community Preservation Fund, Proposal 1, Nov. 2016
Town of Riverhead (NY): Community Preservation Fund, Proposal 1, Nov. 2016
Town of Southampton (NY): Community Preservation Fund, Proposal 1, Nov. 2016
Town of Southold (NY): Community Preservation Fund, Proposal 1, Nov. 2016
Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District (OR): $100M Bond, Yes on Measure 34-156, Preserve Natural Areas, Water, Improve Parks & Create Trails, Nov. 2008
Bainbridge Island (WA): Levy Lid Lift for Public Safety & Parks, Yes on Proposition 1, Nov. 2008
Bellevue (WA): Metropolitan Parks & Recreation District Levy, Yes on Proposition 1, Nov. 2008
Bend Parks & Recreation District (OR): $29M Bond, Yes on Measure 9-86, Nov. 2012
Big Green Initiative, CA, (Yes on Proposition 128, 1990)
Dade County (FL): $200M Park Bond, Measure A, 1996
Florida: Land & Water Conservation Initiative, Amendment 1, Nov. 2014
Fresno County (CA): .001 Sales Tax Chaffee Zoo, Yes on Measure Z, Nov. 2004
Honolulu County (HI): 2% Real Property Tax, Land Conservation, Question 1, Nov. 2006
Houston (TX): $166M Bond, Yes on Proposition B, Nov. 2012
Los Angeles (CA), $500M Clean Water/Storm Drain Bond, Yes on Measure O, Nov. 2004
Los Angeles (CA): $25M Safe Parks for Children Bond, Measure K, 1996
Los Angeles (CA): $35M Exposition Park Bond, $35 Million (CA) - Proposition EE, 1998
Los Angeles (CA): $47.6M Zoo Bond, Proposition CC, 1998
Los Angeles County (CA): $319M Safe Neighborhood Parks, Measure A, 1996
Los Angeles County (CA): Safe, Clean, Neighborhood Parks, Open Space, Beaches, Rivers Protection & Water Conservation, Yes on Measure A, Nov. 2016
Nevada: $200M Conservation Bond, Question 1, 2002
New Jersey Public Question 3, $200M Bonds, Green Acres, Farmland, Blue Acres, And Historic Preservation Bond Act, Nov. 2007
New Jersey, $400M Bonds, Green Acres, Water Supply & Floodplain Protection and Farmland and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 2009, Public Question 1, Nov. 2009
New Jersey: Open Space Preservation Funding Amendment, Public Question No. 2, Nov. 2014
Newark (NJ): Open Space And Recreation Trust Fund, Yes on Municipal Question 1, Nov. 2013
Pennsylvania $625M Growing Greener Conservation Bond, May 2005
Portland METRO (OR): Protect our Natural Areas, Tax Levy, Measure 26-178, Nov. 2016
Salt Lake County (UT): $33M Bond, Yes on Proposition 2, Hogle Zoo, Nov. 2008
Salt Lake County (UT): $47M Bond, Yes on Proposition 1, Open Space, Natural Habitat, Parks & Community Trails, Nov. 2012
San Antonio (TX): Edwards Aquifer Protection Venue Project, Yes on Proposition 1, Nov. 2010
San Antonio (TX):Parks Development and Expansion Venue Project, Yes on Proposition 2, Nov. 2010
San Bernardino County (CA): Yes on Measure M and, No on Measure L, 1996
San Francisco (CA): Clean Water, Pollution Prevention & Habitat Restoration Program, Yes on Measure AA, June 2016
San Francisco (CA): Renovation of Playgrounds, Walking Trails & Athletic Fields, Yes on Proposition I, Nov. 2014
San Francisco (CA): Requiring Certain Golden Gate Park Athletic Fields To Be Kept As Grass With No Artificial Lighting, No on Proposition H, Nov. 2014
San José (CA): $296M Parks and Recreation Bond, Measure P, 2000
San José (CA): Long Term Agreements in Certain City Parks, Yes on Measure P, Nov. 2008
San Juan Capistrano (CA): $30M Bond, Open Space, Natural Areas & Clean Water Preservation, Yes on Measure Y, Nov. 2008
Santa Clara Valley Water District (CA) Clean Safe Creeks Parcel Tax, Yes on Measure B, Nov. 2012
Santa Cruz (CA) Santa Cruz City Clean River, Beaches and Ocean Tax, Yes on Measure E, Nov. 2008
Santa Monica (CA): Clean Beaches and Ocean Parcel Tax Act, Measure V, Nov. 2006
Shasta County, CA, No on Measure B, Churn Creek Bottom Agricultural Lands General Plan Amendment, June 2012
Smithfield Township (PA): Water Quality, Forest & Wildlife Habitat Fund Nov. 2016
Sonoma County (CA): Open Space, Clean Water and Farmland Protection Sales Tax Continuation Measure, Measure F, Nov. 2006
Washington: Toxics Control Act, Initiative 97, 1988
Willamalane Parks & Recreation District (OR): $20M Bond, Yes on Measure 20-199, Nov. 2012
Windsor (CA): Waste Management, Measure R, 1996