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Arizona: Drug Medicalization, Prevention & Control Act, Proposition 200, 1996
Arizona: Drug Medicalization, Prevention & Control Amendment Act, "No" on Proposition 300/301, 1998
Arizona: Early Childhood Development and Health Programs, No on Proposition 302, Nov. 2010
Arizona: Early Childhood Development Tobacco Tax, Yes on Proposition 203, Nov. 2006
Arizona: Healthy Children, Healthy Families Initiative, Proposition 200, 2000
Arizona: Smoke Free Arizona Act, Yes on Proposition 201, Nov. 2006
Arizona: Tobacco Tax, Proposition 303, 2002
Arkansas: Medical Marijuana Measure, Issue 6, Nov. 2016
California (Statewide): Healthcare Insurance. Rate Changes. No on Proposition 45, Nov. 2014
California: Don’t Tax Food and Water, Proposition 163, 1992
California: Drug Policy, Probation and Treatment, Proposition 36, 2000
California: Emergency Medical Services Funding. Telephone Surcharge, No on Proposition 67, Nov. 2004
California: Healthcare and Consumer Protection, Proposition 216, 1996
California: Medical Marijuana, Proposition 215, 1996
California: Mental Health Services Expansion, Yes on Proposition 63, Nov. 2004
California: No on Proposition 61, Prescription Drug Costs, Nov. 2016
California: Repeal Tobacco Tax, “No” on Proposition 28, 2000
California: Right to Die Measure, Proposition 161, 1992
California: Stem Cell Research. Funding, Yes on Proposition 71, Nov. 2004
California: Tobacco Tax, Proposition 10, 1998
California: Waiting Period & Parental Notification of A Termination of a Minor’s Pregnancy, No on Proposition 85, Nov. 2006
California: Yes on Proposition 52, Private Hospital Fees for Medi-Cal, Nov. 2016
California: Yes on Proposition 56, Tobacco Tax, Nov. 2016
Colorado: Tobacco Tax Increase for Health-Related Purposes, Yes on Amendment 35, Nov. 2004
Florida: Clean Indoor Air, Constitutional Amendment No.6, 2002
Maine: Medical Marijuana, Question 2, 2000
Missouri: Stem Cell Research, Yes on Amendment 2, Nov. 2006
Mountain Communities Healthcare District (CA): Parcel Tax Measure T, June 2011
Mountain Communities Healthcare District (CA): Parcel Tax Reduction/Extension Measure, Measure G, Nov. 2016
Oregon: Drug Policy/Oregon Property Protection Act, Measure 3, 2000
Oregon: Legalized Marijuana Initiative, Measure 91, Nov. 2014
Oregon: Right to Die, Measure 16, 1994
San Francisco (CA): San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center Earthquake Safety Bonds, $887M Bond, Yes on Measure A, Nov. 2008
Santa Ana (CA): City Establishment of Medical Marijuana Collectives, Yes on Measure BB, Nov. 2014
Santa Clara County (CA): Hospital Seismic Safety and Medical Facilities $840M Bond Yes on Measure A, Nov. 2008
Sierra Kings Health Care District (CA): $20M Bond, Yes on Measure E, Nov. 2006
Sonoma County (CA): Sonoma Community Hospital Ordinance, Measure E, 1996
Washington: Long Term Care, Initiative 1163, Nov. 2011
Washington: Medical Marijuana, Initiative 59, 1998
Washington: Right to Die, Initiative 119, 1991
Berkeley (CA): Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Products, Measure D, Nov. 2014
Dade County (FL): Jackson Memorial Hospital Sales Tax, 1991
Los Angeles County (CA): Trauma Center Parcel Tax, Measure B, 2002
Nevada: Medical Marijuana, Question 9, 1998
Nevada: Medical Marijuana, Question 9, 2000
Northern Inyo County Hospital District (CA): $12M Bond, Measure A, November 1990
Palm Drive Health Care District (CA): $155/Parcel, Yes on Measure W, Nov. 2004
Palomar Pomerado Health Systems (CA): $496M Bond, Yes on Measure BB, Nov. 2004
Trinity County (CA) Trinity Hospital Health Care District, Measure O & P, Nov. 2006