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Alaska: No on Measure 4, Aug. 2008
Alaska: Yes on Initiative 4, Nov. 2004
Arizona: Indian Gaming, Proposition 202, 2002
Arizona: Lottery Extension, Proposition 304, 1998
Arizona: Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights Holiday, Proposition 300, 1992
Arizona: Private Property Rights Protection Act, Eminent Domain, Yes on Proposition 207, Nov. 2006
Arizona: Referendum for State Lottery Commission, Proposition 304, 1998
Azusa (CA): Azusa Rock Company Development Agreement, Yes on Measure A, Jan. 2011
Azusa (CA): Card Clubs, Proposition A, 1995
California: Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact, Yes on Propositions 94, 95, 96, 97, Feb. 2008
California: Anderson Initiative, Eminent Domain, No on Proposition 90, Nov. 2006
California: Attorneys Fees/Right to Negotiate, Proposition 207, 1996
California: Disability Tax Exemption, Proposition 177, 1994
California: Eminent Domain, No on Proposition 98, June 2008
California: Eminent Domain, Yes on Proposition 99, June 2008
California: Employee Political Contributions/Union Members, “No” on Proposition 226, 1998
California: Genetically Engineered Foods. Labeling, No on Proposition 37, Nov. 2012
California: Human Trafficking. Penalties, Yes on Proposition 35, Nov. 2012
California: Indian Gaming, Proposition 1A, 2000
California: Indian Gaming, Proposition 5, 1998
California: Limitation on Recovery to Felons/Uninsured Motorists, Proposition 213, 1996
California: No Fault Insurance, “No” on Proposition 104, 1988
California: Political Contributions, No on Proposition 32, Nov. 2012
California: Political Spending Advisory Question, Yes on Proposition 59, Nov. 2016
California: Public Employee Union Dues. Restrictions on Political Contributions. Employee Consent Requirement, “No” on Proposition 75, Nov. 2005
California: Public Vote on Revenue Bonds, No on Proposition 53, Nov. 2016
California: Redistricting, Yes on Proposition 11, Nov. 2008
California: Redistricting, Yes on Proposition 11, Nov. 2008
California: Repeal Mobile Home Rent Control, “No” on Proposition 199, 1996
California: State Takeaway from Cities, Proposition 22, Nov. 2010
California: Tort Reform, “No” on Proposition 200/201/202, 1996
California: Tribal Gaming Compacts, No on Proposition 48, Nov. 2014
California: Tribal Gaming Compacts, No on Proposition 68, Nov. 2004
California: Tribal Gaming Compacts. Exclusive Gaming Rights. , No on Proposition 70, Nov. 2004
California: Utility Deregulation, “No” on Proposition 9, 1998
Cathedral City (CA): Adoption of Charter, Measure HH, Nov. 2016
Chula Vista (CA): City Term Limits, Measure E & Measure F, 2000
Cupertino (CA): Vallco Shopping District, No on Measure C, Nov. 2016
El Dorado County (CA): Amends General Plan & Prioritizes Some Road Assignments, No on Measure N, Nov. 2014
El Dorado County (CA): General Plan Designations on Some Community Regions, No on Measure O, Nov. 2014
El Dorado County (CA): Initiative To Retain El Dorado County’s Current Zoning And Rural Assets., No on Measure G, Nov. 2016
El Dorado County (CA): Land Use Designation & Zoning, No on Measure M, Nov. 2014
Emeryville (CA) Yes on Measure T, Real Estate Development, Nov. 2004
Emeryville (CA) Yes on Measure U, Real Estate Development, Nov. 2004
Illinois: No on Illinois Constitutional Convention, Nov. 2008
Maine: Marijuana Measure, Question 1, Nov. 2016
Malibu (CA): Growth Initiative, Measure N & Measure O, 2000
Massachusetts: Affordable Casino Repeal Initiative, No on Question 3, Nov. 2014
Massachusetts: Marijuana Measure, Question 4, Nov. 2016
Missouri Proposition A Gaming Initiative, Nov. 2008
Missouri: City Earning Taxes, Proposition A, Nov. 2010
Missouri: Dog Breeding Operations, Proposition B, Nov. 2010
Missouri: No on Constitutional Amendment 3, Nov. 2012
Monterey (CA): Card Clubs, Proposition A, 1993
Morro Bay (CA): Development Limitations, Measure Q, 2000
Morro Bay (CA): Power Plant Replacement, Measure P, 2000
Oakland (CA): Kids First! Oakland Fund for Children & Youth Act, Yes on Measure OO, Nov. 2008
Oakland (CA): Strong Mayor, Measure P, March 2004
Orange County (CA): El Toro Great Park/Nature Preserve Initiative, Measure W, 2002
Oregon: Marijuana Measure, Measure 91, Nov. 2016
Oregon: Measure 49 Takings, (Modifies Measure 37) Nov. 2007
Oregon: Open Primary, No on Measure 90, Nov. 2014
Redondo Beach (CA) Changes in Land Use/Development Standards, Yes on Measure EE, Nov. 2008
Redwood City (CA): Land Use Classification, No on Measure W, Nov. 2008
Rhode Island: Indian Gaming, No on Question 1, Nov. 2006
Rhode Island: Town of Lincoln Gaming, Yes on Question 1, Nov. 2012
Rhode Island: Twin River/Tiverton Gaming, Question 1, Nov. 2016
Richmond (CA): Point Molate Advisory Measure, No on Measure U, Nov. 2010
Temple City (CA): Government Accountability Act, Nov. 2016
Tiverton (RI): Twin River/Tiverton Gaming, Question 8, Nov. 2016
Bellflower (CA): Water Company Sale, Measure W, Nov. 2016
Bellflower (CA): Water Company Sale, Measure W, Nov. 2016
Beverly Hills (CA) Revitalization of the Beverly Hilton Hotel Site, Yes on Measure H, Nov. 2008
Burlingame (CA): Rent Stabilization, No on Measure R, Nov. 2016
Detroit (MI): Casino Development, “No” on Proposition1, 1998
Detroit (MI): Lions Stadium, Measure S, 1996
Detroit (MI): Tigers Stadium, Measure A, 1996
Fillmore (CA): Real Estate Development, Measure J, 2000
Laguna Beach (CA): Rescind Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, No on Measure KK, Nov. 2016
Long Beach (CA): Role of Mayor and Council, Yes on Proposition A, May 2007
Los Angeles (CA): Authorizes City Council to permit the Dep’t of Water & Power to offer products and services, inside or outside City and negotiate electric rate contracts, Measure G, 1996
Los Angeles (CA): Charter Amendment 1, Port of LA Pension Plans, March 2005
Los Angeles (CA): Charter Amendment, Campaign Finance Regulations/Term Limits Extension for the LAUSD Board, March 2006
Los Angeles (CA): Charter Reform Amendment, Measure 1, 1999
Los Angeles (CA): City Ethics Reform, Measure H, 1991
Los Angeles (CA): City Secession, “No” on Measures F & H, 2002
Los Angeles (CA): Councilmember Term Limits, City Lobbying, Campaign Finance & Ethics Laws, Yes on Proposition R, Nov. 2006
Los Gatos (CA): Economic Development and Jobs Retention Initiative (Land Use Rules), Yes on Measure A, June 2014
Napa County (CA): No on Measure A, Regulatory Takings, June 2006
Napa County (CA): No on Measure U, Angwin General Plan Amendment Initiative, Nov. 2012
Nevada: Marijuana Measure, Question 2, Nov. 2014
Phoenix (AZ): City Pensions for Public Employees, Proposition 201, March 2013
Sacramento County (CA): Measure O: Real Estate Development, 2000
San Bernardino (CA): Adoption of Charter, Measure L, Nov. 2016
San Diego (CA): Ordinance Amendment of Pacific Heights Ranch, Proposition C, Nov. 2010
San Diego Unified Port District (CA): Marine Freight Preservation & Bayfront Redevelopment, No on Measure B, Nov. 2008
San Francisco (CA): Candlestick Point Land Use, Proposition F, 1997
San Francisco (CA): City Retirement and Health Plans, No on Proposition B, Nov. 2010
San Francisco (CA): Football Stadium $100M Bond, Proposition D, 1997
San Francisco (CA): Football Stadium $100M Bond, Proposition D, 1997
San Francisco (CA): Pier 70 Waterfront District Development Plan, Yes on Measure D, Nov. 2008
San Francisco County (CA): Additional Transfer on Residential Property Sold Within 5 Years of Purchase, No on Proposition G, Nov. 2014
San Francisco County (CA): Gross Receipts Tax, Yes on Proposition E, Nov. 2012
San Francisco County (CA): Housing Trust Fund, Proposition C, Nov. 2012
San Francisco County (CA): Pier 70, Proposition F, Nov. 2014
San Francisco County (CA): Short-Term Residential Rentals, No on Measure F, Nov. 2015
San Francisco County (CA): Suspension of Market-Rate Development in the Mission District, No on Measure I, Nov. 2015
San Francisco Municipal Water and Power Agency (CA): “No” on Proposition F, 2001
San Francisco-Brisbane Municipal Utility District (CA): “No” on Proposition I, 2001
San José (CA): Adoption of Charter, Measure F, Nov. 2016
San José (CA): Cardroom Measure, Increase Cardroom Tax Rate, Measure J, June 2010
San José (CA): Urban Growth Boundary, Measure K, 2000
San Juan Capistrano (CA): General Plan Open Space Initiative, Yes on Measure X, Nov. 2008
San Leandro (CA): Repeal of the City Property Transfer Tax, Measure G, 2000
San Mateo (CA): Charter Amendment Re: Rent Regulations, Measure Q, Nov. 2016
San Pablo (CA): Card Clubs, Measure C, April 12, 1994
Santa Clara County (CA): Giants Stadium, Measure G, June 2, 1992
Santa Clara County (CA): Lease of City Land for a Professional Football Stadium, Measure J, June 2010
Santa Monica (CA): Landmark & Historic District Ordinance, Proposition A, March 2003
Santa Monica (CA): New Permit Process, No on Measure LV, Nov. 2016
Solano County (CA): Child Health, Safety & Educational Improvement Advisory Measure, Measure B, Nov. 2016
Sonoma County (CA): Community Separators, Measure K, Nov. 2016
South Dakota: Telecommunications Deregulation, Measure 4, 1988
Washington: Developer’s Initiative/Regulatory Takings, No on I-933, Nov. 2006
Washington: Discrimination/Preferential Treatment, “No” on Initiative 200, 1998
Washington: Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods. No on I-522, Nov. 2013
Washington: Renewable Energy, Yes on I-937, Nov. 2006
Washington: Tax Levies, Measure 4208, 1997
Webster County (IA): Riverboat Gaming, March 23, 2004
Webster County (IA): Riverboat Gaming, March 23, 2004
West Covina (CA): Land Use, Measure H, Nov. 2016
West Sacramento (CA): Change City Zoning, “No” on Measure L, 2002