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Public Safety

Apple Valley Fire Protection District (CA): Special Tax, Measure A, Nov. 2016
California: (CA): Public DNA Samples. Collection. Database. Funding Initiative, Yes on Proposition 69, Nov. 2004
Cathedral City (CA) Fiscal Emergency Measure, 1-cent Sales Tax, Measure H, June 2010
Ceres (CA) , Police, Fire, 9-1-1 Emergency Response Local Control Measure, Measure H, ½-cent Sales Tax, Measure, Nov. 2007
Clovis (CA): $15M Public Safety Bond, Measure A, 1999
Corte Madera/Larkspur (CA): Twin Cities Police Authority: $20M Bond, Public Safety Building/911 Response Improvement Measure, Yes on Measure E, Nov. 2008
Escondido (CA): Public Safety Bond, $84.35M, Yes on Measure P, Nov. 2004
Galt (CA): Anti-Gang/Anti-Drug Public Safety Measure, Yes on Measure R, Nov. 2008
La Mesa (CA) City of Las Mesa Fire, Police, Emergency Services Measure, Proposition D, $25M Bond, March 2004
Lakeport (CA): Public Safety/Essential City Services, Measure Z, Nov. 2016
Lathrop (CA) Public Safety/Essential City Services, Measure C, 1-cent Sales Tax, Nov. 2012
Long Beach (CA): Public Safety, Measure Z, 1996
Los Angeles (CA): $235M 911 Bond, Measure M, Nov. 1992
Los Angeles (CA): $235M Police Communications 911 Bond and Tax Ordinance, Proposition 1, 1991
Los Angeles (CA): $532.6M Public Fire Protection and Animal Control Bond - Proposition F, Nov. 2000
Los Angeles (CA): $600M Public Safety Bond, Proposition Q, Mar. 2002
Los Angeles (CA): $744M Fire-Police-Paramedics Bond, Proposition 1, April 1999
Los Angeles (CA): Police Augmentation Tax, Measure N, Nov. 1992
Los Angeles (CA): Police Department/Christopher Commission Reforms, Measure F, June 1992
Los Angeles (CA): Special Gang & Youth Violence Prevention, After-School & Job Training Programs Tax, Proposition A, Nov. 2008
Los Angeles County (CA): ½-cent Sales Tax; Yes on Measure A, Nov. 2004
Los Angeles County (CA): Fire Protection Property Tax, Proposition E, 1997
Los Angeles County (CA): Museum Earthquake/Fire Safety Bond, Measure A, 2002
Los Angeles County (CA): Sheriff Department Restructuring, Measure C, 2002
Los Banos (CA): Public Safety ½ -cent Sales Tax Increase, Yes on Measure P, Nov. 2004
Lynwood (CA): Public Safety & Vital City Services Protection 1-cent Sales Tax, Measure PS, Nov. 2016
National City (CA): Continuation of City Services Funding Measure, Proposition D, 1-cent Sales Tax, Nov. 2014
Polk County (IA): Public Safety And Judicial System Bond, Yes on Measure Letter A, Nov. 2013
Porterville (CA) Porterville Police, Fire And Emergency Response/9-1-1 Safety Measure, Measure H, Nov. 2005
Salt Lake City (UT): $125M Public Safety Bonds, Proposition 1, Nov. 2009
San Francisco County (CA): Earthquake Safety & Emergency Response Bond, Measure B, June 2010
San José (CA): $159M Public Safety Bond, Measure O, 2002 (CA)
Sanger (CA): ¾-cent Sales Tax, Measure S, Feb. 2008
Sanger (CA): Public Safety Sales Tax Extension Ordinance, Measure S, Nov. 2016
Santa Cruz County (CA): Earthquake Tax, Measure E, 1992
Santa Rosa (CA): ¼-cent Sales Tax Extension for Public Safety, Measure N, Nov. 2016
Santa Rosa (CA): Amending Public Safety Spending Levels, Measure O, Nov. 2016
Santa Rosa (CA): Public Safety Measure, 1996 Santa Rosa (CA): Public Safety Measure, 1996 X X X X
Selma (CA) Police, Fire, 9-1-1 Response and Anti-Gang/Drug Prevention Measure, Measure S, ½-cent Sales Tax, Measure, Nov. 2007
St. Helena (CA): ½% Transactions & Use Tax, Measure D, Nov. 2016
Stanton (CA): Public Safety & Essential City Services Protection, 1-cent Sales Tax, Measure GG. Nov. 2014
Stockton (CA): Police/Fire Response Measure $0.25 Sales Tax, Yes on Measure W, Nov. 2004
Sunnyvale (CA): Safe Streets Initiative, 1994
Buena Park (CA): Public Safety Tax, Measure I, 2002
Burbank (CA): Police/Fire Facility and Excise Tax, November 1994
Dade County (FL): Public Safety/Safe Neighborhoods, $527M Justice System Bond, 1994
Desert Hot Springs (CA) 911 Emergency Response, Police, Fire & Safe Streets, Measure G, Parcel Tax Renewal, June 2010
Dinuba (CA) Dinuba Police, Fire, Emergency Response/9-1-1 Safety Measure, ¾ -cent Sales Tax, Measure F, Nov. 2005
Fresno (CA): Police Bond, Measure D, 1993
Humboldt County (CA): Public Safety/Essential Services Measure, ½ percent Sales Tax, Measure Z, Nov. 2014
Manteca (CA): Public Safety ½ Cent Sales Tax, Measure M, Nov. 2006
Marin County (CA): Paramedic Services Special Tax, Measure M, Nov. 2010
Marin County (CA): Special Emergency Communications & 911 Response Parcel Tax, Measure A, $29/Parcel, Nov. 2014
Oakland (CA): Anti-Violence Initiative, Measure Y, Nov. 2004
Oakland (CA): Police Services Expansion Measure, Measure NN, Nov. 2008
Reedley (CA): ½-cent Sales Tax, Measure G, Feb. 2008
Rialto (CA): Police Bond, 1990
Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection District (CA): $18/Parcel Tax, Measure O, Nov. 2016
Rohnert Park (CA) Public Safety ½ -cent Sales Tax Increase, Measure E, June 2010
Westminster (CA):1% Transactions & Use (Sales) Tax, Measure SS, Nov. 2016